Introducing….Tilter Wheel

Tilter Wheel had their debut gig last night at the Fort San Antone venue situated in the seaside town of Lytham, Lancashire.  The band consists of myself (mandolin), Roo Walker (acoustic guitar), Jonny Hulme (banjo) and Ray Walmsley (double bass).  Our main style is bluegrass, but we play many other genres of music and can deliver a bluegrass twist on even contemporary songs.  At the Fort San Antone we had the audience line dancing to the likes of Blurred Lines whilst keeping the truest of country fans happy with the sounds of Faded Love.  It was a night to remember and I can’t wait for the next Tilter Wheel event!

I’ve never heard mandolin played like that before – Cowboy Joe, Fort San Antone regular

That was totally fresh and I loved every minute – Wayne Hadlow, Fort San Antone staff