Nashville girl plays North West


Hi all, its been a busy time for me since I last wrote a blog, so I decided to let you know about this one particular event.

It was the end of July and I was asked to dep for a young lady coming from Nashville called Sarah Gayle Meech, a singer song writer coming up in the world of country, we started out in Southport at a lively little holiday camp called leisure lakes and we had the place rocking, next evening on to a really cool music bar in Leicester called” The Musician” we had a great night with people coming from as far as London to support her. The next gig we played at a popular country music club in Wakefield called Gilly’s and again it was a very successful night.  Other venues played were in Netherly  and Heywood…..I thoroughly enjoyed this tour and any country music fans reading this, I recommend that you check out