Music has been a dominating factor in my life since birth inspired heavily by my father, a talented and respected Banjo player, guitarist and social figure.

After being encouraged to learn the mandolin from the age of six I became a vital member of the Brady family band (Grassroots) within months and went on to compete and often win local and national competitions incorporating numerous musical genres and styles and developing as a talented singer.

I’m mainly known today as a guitarist, steel guitar and mandolin player having played in countless bands from country rock to gypsy jazz and also making a name for myself as a versatile session musician.

On touring the USA with the Swing Commanders I became known by Texan musicians for my ability to play western swing entertaining audiences at prestigious venues such as the Broken Spoke, Austin, TX and Gruene Hall, New Braunfells, TX.

Simon can play western swing like no-one else I e’r met!
– Billy R Thomas (Texas)

Having toured as a multi instrumentalist and vocalist with the Swing Commanders for 8 years my song writing and arranging has impressed audiences and jivers alike with numbers such as ‘Texas Sting’ and ‘Swing Commanders’.

I am now embarking on a solo career which will allow me to play/sing all the many genres of music I love.